Gyro Stabilization Mounts
Gyro Stabilization Mounts have a wide range of applications, for various Sensors and types of Camera. This makes our Mounts unique.
Gyro Mounts are used for LiDAR Systems, Airborne Cameras and Multi Spectrometer Sensors.
The new Generation all Digital Gyro Stabilizer Mounts can level nearly every airborne sensor to compensate for aircraft movement (roll, pitch and yaw).
The Vibration Isolation System can be easily adapted to specific sensor weight.
MRR Global Technologies is sales, service and support center for SOMAG Stabilizers.
GSM 4000

The Gyro Stabilisation Mount GSM 4000® is the flagship of SOMAG AG Jena airborne gyro mount line. Due to its versatility, the GSM 4000 can stabilize a wide range of state-of-the-art surveying and surveillance sensors and is not limited to a specific product.

RSM 300

The RSM 300 is specifically designed for marine and land applications to capture perfectly stabilized data in rough environments. With newly developed and manufactured RSM 300, precisely stabilization is now possible in the land, Marin and Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs/ASVs) applications.

Osm 4000

The OSM 4000 is a powerful Gyro Stabilized Mount for land and marine applications. The OSM 4000 stabilizes Mass up to 160 Kg in real-time Roll and Pitch movements, caused by uneven terrain, and motions of boats, ships and vessel caused by unfavorable sea conditions, providing a stabilized and sharp field of view of sensors.

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