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Mr. Rubbani is licensed by the United Kingdom’s Civil Aviation Authority for servicing, repair and overhaul of aircraft, engines and associated equipment and has extensive experience in the engineering and operations of corporate aviation, second and third level airlines.
Mr. Rubbani has had over 30 years experience in the service, repair, overhaul, sales and operation in aviation industry, working with such names as Gulfstream Aerospace, Garrett(now Honeywell Aerospace) , Westland Helicopter (now Leonardo S.p.A) and other aerospace companies which has allowed him to transition into this cutting-edge niche market with MRR Global Technologies.

ABOUt us

MRR GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES has been developing innovative remote-sensing and survey solutions for their clients for a decade. MRR GLOBAL is dedicated to providing the military and scientific communities with flexible and affordable unmanned aircraft, autopilots, and related systems. MRR GLOBAL tailors the solutions to each individual client.  We listen to our customers needs in order to achieve our goal of efficient, effective and easily employed products. MRR GLOBAL also provides consulting and training services.

MRR Global Technologies LLC, West Palm Beach FL33407, was founded in 2015 by M. Robbie Rubbani, a veteran aviator, engineer and passionate technologist.

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Our team has grown from two to over 15 people, as our agency has expanded and developed over the years. We are based in
New York, USA and our team come from all over the world.

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Mr. Rubbani

Mr. Rubbani had the vision to create a unique company that is a bridge between Aviation and Airborne technology.

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Audrey Ruival

Ms. Ruival has many years of experience in real estate sales and commercial contracts and is a valuable addition to the team.

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Violet M Forbes

Violet M Forbes is the Director of Operations and came to MRR Global after a 13 year career with the Department of State.

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