Somag Service Center

We work hand in hand with SOMAG to give your stabilizer the SOMAG Manufacturing and Service standards it needs to function properly and give you the best stabilization your camera deserves.

Did you know your SOMAG STABILIZERS should be serviced every 2 years!

We work with SOMAG to make sure your GSM 3000 receives only SOMAG Authorized parts and we provide all servicing in detail directly to SOMAG for their records on your GSM 3000.


  • Visual inspection and dismantling
  • change dampers and springs of vibration isolation ring
  • check hydraulic cylinders and fit new type seals
  • check potentiometers adjust or replace and adjust
  • adjust or replace drift compensating gear
  • check pumps and all hydraulic lines
  • check electronics and gyros, replace if necessary
  • proof test the mount