Phase One iXU-RS1900

Phase One iXU-RS1900 Aerial Camera
Seeing the Big Picture – Medium Format Evolves

Phase One 190MP Aerial Camera System series, is the latest Phase One innovation to offer large format metric camera functionality.

iXU-RS1900 Aerial Camera

The iXU-RS1900 dual lens camera presents an excellent alternative to traditional large format cameras in diverse aerial mapping applications; from remote sensing, through precision agriculture, disaster management and monitoring.

iXU-RS1900 Aerial Camera

The iXU-RS1900 dual lens camera presents an excellent alternative to traditional large format cameras in diverse aerial mapping applications; from remote sensing, through precision agriculture, to disaster management and monitoring.

190 MP Resolution

The Phase One iXU-RS1900 is built with dual 90mm lenses for capturing RGB information. It is equipped with highly sensitive CMOS sensors enabling very short exposure time of up to 1/2000 sec. Each sensor provides an image with 8,708 pixel across flight and 11,608 pixel along flight, and the two stitched images form a large frame with 16,470 pixels across the flight line and 11,540 pixels along the flight line, providing a 190MP image.

The higher sensor sensitivity along with the shorter exposure time and advanced Phase One RS shutter technology enable to reach high quality aerial imagery required for mapping applications

Camera iXU-RS1900 iXU-RS1900 4-Band
Frame geometry Central projection Central projection
Image size (pixel) 16,470 x 11,540 16,470 x 11,540
Image volume (MP) 190 190
Image format PhaseOne RAW, IIQ-L, IIQ-S PhaseOne RAW, IIQ-L, IIQ-S
Output formats Distortion Free RGB in TIFF 8 and 16 Bit or JPEG Distortion Free RGB, NIR, CIR, RGBN, NVDI in TIFF 8 and 16 Bit or JPEG
Pansharpen ratio N/A 1:1.8
Frame width for 10 cm GSD (m) 1,647 1,647
Frame height for 10 cm GSD (m) 1,154 1,154
Frame area for 10 cm GSD ( 1.92 1.92
Typical image size (MB) For TIFF 570 760
Lenses type Rodenstock Rodenstock
Number of lenses 2 3
Focal length (mm) 90 90 & 50
FOV (across flight, deg) 45.7 45.7
FOV (along flight, deg) 33.0 33.0
Aperture range f/5.6 to f/11 f/5.6 to f/11
Exposure principle Leaf shutter Leaf shutter
Shutter speed (sec) Up to 1/2000 Up to 1/2000
Capture rate (sec) 1.6 1.6
Light Sensitivity (ISO) 50-6400 50-6400
Dynamic Range (db) >84 >84
NIR Range N/A 720 – 1000nm
Events synchronization speed (µsec) 100 100
Sensor Specifications
Sensor type CMOS CMOS
Sensor number 2 3
Pixel size (µm) 4.6 4.6
Array (pixel) 11,608 x 8,708 11,608 x 8,708
Analog-to-digital-conversion (bit) 14 14
Flight Specifications
Maximal ground speed for 10 cm GSD with motion blur under 1 pixel (knot) 300 300
Maximal forward overlap for 10 cm GSD at 150 knot (%) 96 96
Maximal orthophoto angle for 20% side overlap (deg) 37° 37°
Flight altitude for 10cm GSD (feet) 6400 6400
Operating Conditions
Power input (V) 12-30 V DC 12-30 V DC
Maximal Power consumption (W) – camera only 20W 30W
Humidity (non-condensing, %) 15% to 80% 15% to 80%
Temperature (° C) -10 to 40 -10 to 40
Approvals FCC (Class A), CE, RoHS FCC (Class A), CE, RoHS
System Specifications
Camera iXU-RS1900 iXU-RS1900 4-Band
System weight (kg/Lb) 31 kg / 68.5 32.5kg/72 Lb
System Size 43x43x44cm
16.9×16.9×17.3 Inches
16.9×16.9×17.3 Inches
Pilot monitor for navigation 7 Inches 7 Inches
Operator monitor for camera management 15 Inches 15 Inches
Gyro-stabilizer SOMAG DSM400 DSM400
GNSS/IMU Applanix POS AV 210 / POS AV 510 POS AV 210 / POS AV 510
Power consumption 6 Amp at 28V 6 Amp at 28V
iX Controller MKIII
Interfaces USB3, Power and Control Ports for Camera,GNSS and Mount
Storage capacity (TB) 1.0
Storage type SSD
Storage exchangeability Yes
* Mechanical Central Shutter with up to 500,000 cycles
**RGB – Red/Green/Blue; NIR – Near Infra-Red; CIR – Color Infra-Red; 4-Band – RGB&NIR
***SSD – Solid State Drive

Warranty Packages

As Phase One equipment is built to last, and in order to ensure you experience new levels of productivity and enjoy increased workflow efficiency, Phase One offers extended support and warranty programs to guarantee that your investment is safe.

The Standard Warranty Package

For aerial cameras and lenses, and the iX Controller we offer a one-year warranty that includes the repair all manufacturing defects free of charge for one year from the date of purchase.
For RS lenses shutter modules we offer a one-year warranty from the date of purchase or 500,000 shutter releases.
The repair time at Phase One service center is 2 weeks excluding shipping.

The Premium Warranty Package

Phase One’s standard one-year period for IXU-RS can be extended to the annual Premium Warranty Package that includes expanded services as follows:

  • Uptime unit during the repair period with delivery time of 1 week excluding shipping.
  • Unlimited shutter activations (for as long as the system is under the Premium Warranty Package)
  • Free of charge 500,000 shutter releases maintenance / service.

Contact us to learn more about our warranty packages