Gyro Stabilization Mounts
Gyro Stabilization Mounts have a wide range of applications, for various Sensors and types of Camera. This makes our Mounts unique.
Gyro Mounts are used for LiDAR Systems, Airborne Cameras and Multi Spectrometer Sensors.
The new Generation all Digital Gyro Stabilizer Mounts can level nearly every airborne sensor to compensate for aircraft movement (roll, pitch and yaw).
The Vibration Isolation System can be easily adapted to specific sensor weight.
MRR Global Technologies is sales, service and support center for SOMAG Stabilizers.

Weight & Dimension
Total weight:      30 kg
Width platform:  680 x 680 mm
Height platform: 220 mm
Hole diameter:   420 mm
Preload:            ~ 40 kg

20-32 V DC
Max.                  10 A @ 24V
Typically              5 A @ 24V
Min.                     3 A @ 24V

Correction speed (rapid)
Roll/pitch    +/- 10°
Heading:    +/- 30°

Correction speed (rapid)
Roll/pitch:   15°/sec
Heading:    15°/sec
3 dynamic scenarios available