AeroStab-Twin is a fully compensating stabilizer for two or more small and medium sized aerial cameras. It compensates Roll-, Pitch- and Heading Deviations and enables the control of the cameras.

AeroStab-Twin belongs to our forth generation of fully compensating stabilizers designed for 2 or more high-end digital SLR cameras or 2 mid-format cameras.

AeroStab-TWIN is optimized for working with AeroTopoL Flight Management System, but is also operable in a stand-alone mode and with other FMS applications using an open serial interface.

AeroStab-TWIN includes a high quality GPS-Vector board that enables precise positioning with 10 Hz refresh rate and true-heading determination. The IMU itself is used to measure roll and pitch angles.

All AeroStab mounts are able to trigger the camera at the image centers designed in the AeroTopoL FMS, and to use the event signal to read the orientation parameters exactly at the mid-exposure pulse.

Better still is our innovative solution that achieves full heading compensation in combination with our AeroTopoL FMS.

Stepper motors correct the camera orientation in real-time with a speed of 12°/sec on the roll and pitch axes. The improved model-based firmware updates continuously and rapidly for fast and smooth compensation of up to +-12 degree for roll, pitch and 30 degree heading.


  • GPS/IMU Integrated
  • Open Interface Format to FMS
  • Optimized for AeroTopoL
  • Combination with control by precice GPS-IMU systems e.g. AeroDiDOS
  • Works with most Cameras
  • Release and Event Control
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Compact
  • Easily Installed
  • Full Heading Compensation
  • Eventoutput for external GPS
  • Flexible mounting for combined sensorheads (e.g. RGB + ThIR)