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AeroShift is a perfect solution to make a complete Aerial Surveying Set transportable. It fits in any single or twin light aircraft with aft luggage door and can be installed in no time! The aircraft does not need a hole for the camera. This enables one to rent any single or twin engine aircraft with an aft luggage door, remove the luggage door and afix the AeroShift to the aircraft with only four screws. Because it is retractable, take-off and landing is safe, as the camera is inside the cabin. Once the mission area is reached, the motor moves the camera out.

AeroShift is already operational and in the process of certification. This option is extremely flexible, as AeroShift is controlled by AeroTopoL FMS. Never before has the preparation of a mission been so fast and easy!

AeroShift, AeroStab and AeroTopoL support the pilot by being an operator in real time.


  • No hole in the Aircraft needed
  • Enables Aircraft Charter
  • Quick Installation
  • Security for the Camera
  • For any Cessna 172
  • Certificated
  • “Pack and Fly” – Solution