Camera Hole STC

Each of partners have over 25 years of experience in Aircraft Modification and Repair.
One of many STCs is for the Cessna 206H & Cessna T206H, workhorse for airborne technology.
Our versatile 206H / T206H Camera Hole STC can be installed as a complete kit or as individual components.
 A “one-off” STC for other aircraft maybe possible for additional costs.

We hold many other Camera Hole STCs for various Aircraft.  Please contact us for full list of Camera Hole STCs.

Features & Benefits

Here are some of the features and benefits of a MRR Global Technologies:

  • Floor Reinforcement – Exceeds all current FAA “G” Loading Requirments
  • 20″ Camera Hole – Optional 6″ sight scope port
  • Retractable Belly Door – Manual turn dial, helps protect equipment
  • Operators Seat – Comfortable, Three Lockable seating positions, Safe, Extra Wide Seat belt
  • Quick-Change Seat Anchors – allows easy change between Passenger to cargo to camera
  • Electrical Provisions – A 28VDC is installed to provide indepent power to system
  • Exhaust Extension – On the T206H the exhaust output is redirected away from the camera hole