Riegl VQ-480-U

RIEGL_airborne_laser_scanner_VQ-480-U_01 (1)

The V-Line® Airborne Laser Scanner RIEGL VQ-480-U provides high speed data acquisition using a narrow infrared laser beam and a fast line scanning mechanism. High-accuracy laser ranging is based on RIEGL´s unique echo digitization and online waveform processing, which allows achieving superior measurement results even under adverse atmospheric conditions, and the evaluation of multiple target echoes.

The scanning mechanism is based on a fast rotating multi-facet polygonal mirror, which provides fully linear, unidirectional and parallel scan lines.

The RIEGL VQ-480-U is a very lightweight and compact laser scanner, mountable in any orientation and even under limited space conditions on motorized hang-gliders, gyrocopters, ultra-light aircrafts and UAVs. The instrument has a low power consumption, needs only a single voltage supply and provides line scan data via integrated LAN-TCP/IP interface. An external storage device can also be connected via the USB interface.