AeroTherm is a thermal infrared Camera, available as cooled or uncooled sensor. It enables monitoring of objects that emit thermal radiation.

Color image taken with AeroTherm and ROI black and white conversation:

Images taken with AeroTherm

Images taken with AeroTherm

The Airborne Thermography is useful for many applications such as:
– border security
– industrial plant security
– inspections of pipelines
– water quality monitoring
– thermal insulation of objects
– inspections of chemical plants
– vehicle, boat and person detection
– management of forest fires and hot spots by improving visibility through smoke and darkness
– management and measurement of coal fires and hot spots, enabling survey without people moving around the risk locations
– inspections of high voltage power lines and isolators
– surveys of underground steam system
– detection of illegal discharge of liquids
– location of lost persons in forested and dark environments
– change detection
– animal detection and survey during dusk and night

AeroTherm can be fully integrated with AeroTopoL Flight Management System (FMS) and the AeroStab stabilizer family. The camera is managed by the AeroTherm Control Software via Firewire. Real-time control of the actual data is possible. Larger areas can be captured using two or three linked cameras to widen the view. In addition, other sensors can be used in combination with AeroTherm including LiDAR scanning with AeroScan, or true colour imagery with AeroCam.
Aero Therm

Urban Heat Map overlayed on a Orthophoto